What is Tunnel?

A temporally-unopinionated audio/video engine for the web.

Create, trade, remix, and share Tunnel cartridges. Each cartridge is composed of layers of sound, images, and color. The Tunnel engine is a new format designed to let the audience control the timing and structure of interactive artworks. Everything is open source and responsive.

Why Tunnel?

Tunnel was designed to encapsulate a particular personality. It doesn't do a lot of things. Tunnel aims for specificity rather than wide capability. One reason for this is to carve out an identity for Tunnel as a format. Another reason is to keep Tunnel compact, polished, and maintainable.

Who made Tunnel?

This project was created by Nathan Pasko—a designer, developer, writer, and musician. You can click here to visit Nathan on the web and learn more.

Site © Nathan Pasko. Tunnel is open source under the MIT License.