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Cartridge Data

Every Tunnel cartridge is a combination of the Tunnel core, audio and image assets, and a data file with information about the cartridge and each layer within. This data file is the link between the core Tunnel engine and the raw assets used by the cartridge.

What's in the data file?

A cartridge’s data file includes info data and layer data. Info is a group of settings that govern the cartridge’s title, and appearance. Layers is an ordered list declaring every detail of the cartridge’s layers. Some of the settings available here are required, others are optional.

Info Settings

Key Description
title REQUIRED. The public-facing title of the cartridge, i.e. the album title.
labels If labels is set to true, the cartridge will display standardized labels in a compact header.
nav A list of hyperlinks that display as part of the standardized cartridge labels.

Nav Link Settings

Key Description
text REQUIRED. The textual label for the link.
href REQUIRED. The URL that the link will navigate to.

Layer Settings

Key Description
id REQUIRED. An internal number identifier used by Tunnel.
background Add a color background instead of default transparency.
audio Add a sound clip that will loop while this layer is focused.
images REQUIRED. An array of four URLs for images forming this layer (or empty strings for no image).

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